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The day after our big Thanksgiving day feast, I was already thinking about what to make for Christmas. Sad but true! And this veggie pie is going to be the main event. The test run was so tasty, I might even be making it on Thanksgiving next year instead of the dreaded bird…

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Everyone knows that the flavour of licorice is a love-hate thing. Personally I’m not a hater but I still struggle with how to use fennel sometimes. That aniseed flavour might go well with all sorts of meat and fish but it can overpower other vegetables quite easily. So I end up using it with onions as a base to stocks and soups and curries but I know I’m not doing it justice.

And that’s where braising comes in! The slow, moist cooking technique brings out the sweetness of fennel and mellows the punch of its licorice flavours. Add a dash of cream and cheese at the end and you even get a bubbling crisp topping too – all of a sudden fennel goes with anything because it’s so subtle and delicious, mmm…

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We are back online – apologies for the light posting recently but normal services can now resume! We have moved into a new flat and the kitchen is kick ass so I have no excuse not to cook up lots of lovely food. It’s got quite a nice electric stove, loads and loads of drawers and cabinets for all my gadgets and even a big island / breakfast bar – perfect for rolling out pastry yay. I should not be this excited about a kitchen but I totally am.

And to celebrate here’s one of the first meals I made in said fabulous new kitchen… tagine (more…)

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No butternut squash risotto allowed! Sorry, I don’t hate risotto but am I the only one who’s noticed that this is the ‘go to’ dish for any chef who needs a vegetarian option for their menu?? I don’t mind if I only get one option at a restaurant or pub but I’d love it if that option was just a little bit more creative please. Anyway! Here are a few different recipes for these very versatile vegetables…

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