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Yes, you read that right – red cabbage curry. It started out as a random idea but it turned out more delicious and delicate and aromatic than I thought it could be…

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Do you ever find yourself making the same dish over and over again? In the same week? It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you make something that’s just exactly what you want to eat and you could just eat it over and over and over… Well, this was that something for me last week. So I thought I best share the recipe in case it might be that something for someone else.

aloo matar and pakora


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I’ve been cooking curries for a few years now but I’m still on the hunt for the best veggie curry recipe. I understand the basics – a base of fried onion, garlic and ginger and spices and then tomato, yoghurt, coconut cream or water to make the sauce. But without meat juices it can still be tough to achieve a really flavourful result with a nice thick sauce.

But this meal might be the closest I’ve come to my top curry feast! It starts with a rendition of the amazing fresh salad ‘dhai bel puri’ from Planet India in Brighton – almost like an Indian seven-layer dip and- inspired by a colleague who also tried making it at home – you must try this and soon. Instead of a dry curry I made roasted tandoori halloumi and vegetables with a simple but perfect red lentil dhal alongside. I’d like to think Madhur Jaffrey would be proud!

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No butternut squash risotto allowed! Sorry, I don’t hate risotto but am I the only one who’s noticed that this is the ‘go to’ dish for any chef who needs a vegetarian option for their menu?? I don’t mind if I only get one option at a restaurant or pub but I’d love it if that option was just a little bit more creative please. Anyway! Here are a few different recipes for these very versatile vegetables…

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I can’t stand throwing out food. I’m not quite sure when I became so fanatical about it – I definitely wasn’t as a kid, I still remember the standoffs where I’d be sat at the dining room table for hours while I stubbornly refused to eat my dinner. But something changed over the years and now I can’t bear to see any food go in the bin, in fact I quite enjoy the challenge of ensuring everything gets used up before it goes off (which can even stretch to scraping a bit of mold off the bread now and then, mmm!)

So as usual I made far too much rice when cooking our Christmas day banquet, so I decided to make a Caribbean vegetable curry the next day to use it up.

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