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I can’t stand throwing out food. I’m not quite sure when I became so fanatical about it – I definitely wasn’t as a kid, I still remember the standoffs where I’d be sat at the dining room table for hours while I stubbornly refused to eat my dinner. But something changed over the years and now I can’t bear to see any food go in the bin, in fact I quite enjoy the challenge of ensuring everything gets used up before it goes off (which can even stretch to scraping a bit of mold off the bread now and then, mmm!)

So as usual I made far too much rice when cooking our Christmas day banquet, so I decided to make a Caribbean vegetable curry the next day to use it up.

vegetables (more…)


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Not one, not two but five sides to accompany my Caribbean vegetable patties! It’s Christmas after all and I’ve always been a bit of an over-achiever…

caribbean sides


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Christmas this year is going to be Caribbean! We had a huge roast dinner with family and friends on Thanksgiving and there’s only two of us for Christmas this year, so it was time for something a bit different. I’ve had the idea of making some ‘jerk halloumi’ in my head for a few weeks – I know, I know, can the best cheese in the world get better? Answer: Yes. It can. So I knew I just needed to think of some other Caribbean dishes to make up this year’s Christmas dinner.

Step one: preparing some vegetarian Jamaican patties…

vegetable patties


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