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I didn’t grow up hating brussel sprouts. In fact I sort of liked them before I tried them because they’re so cute – I mean little baby cabbages, how could you hate anything so mini and innocent looking? Especially when you see them growing on the stalk, they’re actually kind of beautiful. But I can definitely identify with hating overboiled vegetables and brussels suffer from this worse than most veggies. If they’re going to be part of so many festive meals, they ought to be cooked properly…

brussel sprouts growing



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Yes, you read that right – red cabbage curry. It started out as a random idea but it turned out more delicious and delicate and aromatic than I thought it could be…

red cabbage (more…)

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I heart slaw! Not that limp, sour stuff that sometimes comes on the side of your sandwich at a diner – but the fresh stuff you can make at home. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to make a basic coleslaw the first time I tried it – grated carrot, cabbage and onion with mayo, lemon juice and bit of mustard and done! Why even eat that slimey store-bought version when you can make it yourself so quickly?


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