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I’m not much of a bread person. Some people seem to need it with almost every meal but I would normally say that if I never saw another slice again I’d be fine. But there is an exception and this bread is it…

black bread


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Everyone knows that the flavour of licorice is a love-hate thing. Personally I’m not a hater but I still struggle with how to use fennel sometimes. That aniseed flavour might go well with all sorts of meat and fish but it can overpower other vegetables quite easily. So I end up using it with onions as a base to stocks and soups and curries but I know I’m not doing it justice.

And that’s where braising comes in! The slow, moist cooking technique brings out the sweetness of fennel and mellows the punch of its licorice flavours. Add a dash of cream and cheese at the end and you even get a bubbling crisp topping too – all of a sudden fennel goes with anything because it’s so subtle and delicious, mmm…

fennel (more…)

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No butternut squash risotto allowed! Sorry, I don’t hate risotto but am I the only one who’s noticed that this is the ‘go to’ dish for any chef who needs a vegetarian option for their menu?? I don’t mind if I only get one option at a restaurant or pub but I’d love it if that option was just a little bit more creative please. Anyway! Here are a few different recipes for these very versatile vegetables…

squash (more…)

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I haven’t done much gluten-free cooking before so when a coeliac friend invited us round and asked us to bring a dish, I thought it was a good excuse to try something new. And then I got a bit over-enthusiastic as usual so ended up making three things to bring! Oy vey. I blame it on having too much time on my hands over the holidays, it’s so cold and grim out there, I just end up sitting round the house and coming up with more things to cook! Oh well, it all seems to get eaten somehow…


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