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The big USA foodathon

We’re back! Three weeks in the good ole USA and too many fun times to mention. Oh and a heatwave which meant we barely ventured outside for the first week. Doh. Bad job, people who live in England and claim they want ‘real summer’, oops. But all that air conditioning means you can keep stuffing your belly even in the hottest summer weather so that is what we did…

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Hello world

OK, here goes, finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon! So why does the world need one more food blogger?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love food. I also love the challenge of trying new things or using up the random items I find in my fridge. So I’ve decided to share the love! I’m a vegetarian but this blog is not just for other veggies. What you will find here: my constant attempts to try new recipes and increase my cooking skills. There’ll be spicy food, seasonal food, plus ways to use up leftovers, foraged foods and veg box ingredients. What you won’t find: much fake meat, diet food or exact measurements!  Here’s to more sharing at this lil potluck*…

*‘pot·luck’ (noun): 1. Whatever food happens to be available for a meal, especially when offered to a guest. 2. A meal at which each guest brings food that is then shared by all.

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