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It’s November – so I can officially start obsessively planning my big Thanksgiving feast. Although if I’m honest I may have looked at a few recipes in October or even September… I love the planning almost as much as the actual night, and if you’re feeding 15+ people you need to plan!

pumpkin pecan pie



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OK so we’re about to head back to the good ole US of A for three weeks! Roll on real summer, sorry England.

As I might not be posting for a little while, I’ve got a load of summer recipes for those of you out there having enough of a summer to be hosting or attending lovely bbqs and parties. If I get really motivated I might even post about the eat-a-thon that’s about to take place while we’re away… But then again I might be too busy stuffing my face with Mexican, Chinese, pizza, bagels and so many more foods I’ve been missing for the past year. Oh and seeing lots of people I love too! Yay summer.


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Everyone knows that the flavour of licorice is a love-hate thing. Personally I’m not a hater but I still struggle with how to use fennel sometimes. That aniseed flavour might go well with all sorts of meat and fish but it can overpower other vegetables quite easily. So I end up using it with onions as a base to stocks and soups and curries but I know I’m not doing it justice.

And that’s where braising comes in! The slow, moist cooking technique brings out the sweetness of fennel and mellows the punch of its licorice flavours. Add a dash of cream and cheese at the end and you even get a bubbling crisp topping too – all of a sudden fennel goes with anything because it’s so subtle and delicious, mmm…

fennel (more…)

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Moving house is a strange little ritual. We all seem to do the same thing I think. You start packing up and there’s all this stuff you completely forgot existed hidden away in drawers and shelves and closets. Things you literally haven’t thought of since you last moved so why are they still getting carted around with you? And there’s so freakin much of it. So you start throwing things out but then you get sidetracked looking through old photos for hours and forgetting you were supposed to be packing… So most of the time you end up just throwing it all in a box and taking it with you again.

Anyway, in my piles of old photos were some pics from my semester studying abroad in Argentina, which gave me the perfect excuse to avoid packing again and do some cooking instead!



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No butternut squash risotto allowed! Sorry, I don’t hate risotto but am I the only one who’s noticed that this is the ‘go to’ dish for any chef who needs a vegetarian option for their menu?? I don’t mind if I only get one option at a restaurant or pub but I’d love it if that option was just a little bit more creative please. Anyway! Here are a few different recipes for these very versatile vegetables…

squash (more…)

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I haven’t done much gluten-free cooking before so when a coeliac friend invited us round and asked us to bring a dish, I thought it was a good excuse to try something new. And then I got a bit over-enthusiastic as usual so ended up making three things to bring! Oy vey. I blame it on having too much time on my hands over the holidays, it’s so cold and grim out there, I just end up sitting round the house and coming up with more things to cook! Oh well, it all seems to get eaten somehow…


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