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Is this a problem other people have? Possibly not, cause I’m a bit weird and I don’t really eat much bread so I don’t eat much toast and jam. But I’ve gotten really into making preserves over the past couple years so I end up with jars and jars of the stuff. Of course I give most of it away to friends, but you feel like you ought to keep one jar of each variety you make and even that ends up being loads more than I’ll ever eat. So here I am about to move house and trying to clear out the fridge – there are jars and jars of condiments that I refuse to throw away because I really love my condiments ok? So I decided to find some tasty recipes to finish off all those jars of jam instead!

bakewell tart

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Moving house is a strange little ritual. We all seem to do the same thing I think. You start packing up and there’s all this stuff you completely forgot existed hidden away in drawers and shelves and closets. Things you literally haven’t thought of since you last moved so why are they still getting carted around with you? And there’s so freakin much of it. So you start throwing things out but then you get sidetracked looking through old photos for hours and forgetting you were supposed to be packing… So most of the time you end up just throwing it all in a box and taking it with you again.

Anyway, in my piles of old photos were some pics from my semester studying abroad in Argentina, which gave me the perfect excuse to avoid packing again and do some cooking instead!



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It’s February already holy heck. So no more boring New Year’s resolutions about diets and not drinking and not eating delicious buttery tarts covered in cream and sugar… Right??

I hope so. Because this is totally worth the calories. I don’t usually care about desserts, I’d usually be happier munching on cheese to be honest. But then I tried a cream brioche tart from the amazing Cocoa Patisserie in Brighton and everything changed.

It’s French brioche dough, rolled into a circle, then filled with cream and sugar and baked until it looks a bit like a flatbread with a golden crust. The creamy center just seems to melt when you bite into it and the crust has this beautiful crunch of sugar on the outside of a beautifully light, fluffy dough. So yeah, buttery dough, plus cream and lots of sugar equals very tasty. Funny that. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing this tart was (insert bad joke here). And I knew I had to recreate it at home…

cream brioche tart (more…)

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